Wrap up Insurance

Oriska Insurance offers more cost savings and better risk-control techniques when it helps owners or contractors with one “wrap up” insurance coverage strategically administering several policies. Under a wrap up insurance program, owners and contractors can obtain workers compensation, disability benefits, supplemental or extended disability benefits, health insurance and fidelity and surety bonding under a single insurance program.

Rather than the owner, construction manager, contractors and subcontractors of all tiers providing their own insurance for the project, one group of policies is purchased to cover all participants at a substantial savings.

N.Y. Ins. Law §2505 states that no subcontractor shall be required to pay premiums or related charges for policies acquired by an owner or contractor. A subcontractor can subtract from its bid the cost of insurance provided for the project by others.


24-Hour Protection Workers’ Compensation Health Coverage Surety Bonding “Wrap up” Insurance