Workers Comp./Health/Disability

Workers Comp, Health, DisabilityA Single Source Solution to a Multi-Policy Requirement

Small and minority-owned businesses are too often strained by the high cost of Worker’s Compensation, Disability Benefits and Health Insurance. This has made it difficult to be competitive until the Oriska Insurance Company’s 24 Hour program. Oriska Insurance offers a unique 24-hour protection portfolio to small and minority-owned businesses by jointly administering workers compensation, health and disability coverage. Oriska Insurance delivers workers compensation benefits and traditional health care in such a way that the costs decrease for employers while workers have immediate access to medical care.

Oriska Insurance Never Failed to Pay a Claim, Never Abandoned an Employer

In 1991, Oriska Insurance began providing specialized insurance products to small and minority-owned businesses. Since then, Oriska Insurance has never failed to pay a claim and has never abandoned an employer. You’ll find Oriska Insurance to be the most reliable business partner you ever had.


Hershel Weber“Oriska provides us with the worker’s comp., health, and disability coverage our clients need. Their 24 Hour Protection package awards significant cost savings to the employers we represent. Oriska’s unique bundling of services affords our clients cost savings and superior coverage.”
Rabbi Hershel Weber, Brand Management, Inc.


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