Workers Compensation Coverage

Oriska Insurance Company Workers’ Compensation Coverage For Work-Related Injuries or Illness

The choice of medical care providers is a major factor affecting the outcome of treatment, rehabilitation and the return of an injured worker to full employment. Direct contractual agreements with physicians and hospitals through New York State’s certified PPO network is a key component of managed care.

When the employer signs on for the managed care discount, their employees are required to receive care within the PPO network for the first 30 days of treatment. As notice of an injury or illness is received, Oriska Insurance begins to manage the claim to ensure that medical care and treatment return the worker to full employment as soon as possible.

Oriska insurance provides updates on treatment and recovery. A case manager makes sure the injured is encouraged to expeditiously return to work.  Oriska Insurance assists employers with permanent disability cases in order to help return the injured to the workforce.

Rating Highlights

  • “Upfront” discounts for managed care PPO participating employers
  • upfront discounts for “drug-free workplace”
  • upfront stock premium discounts
  • safety program discounts subject to a loss safety evaluation arranged through Oriska
  • discounts for qualified loss-safety capital improvements
  • construction classification premium adjustments for qualified entities
  • generous “backend” dividend plans to reward loss reduction
  • installment payment plans available for qualified employers
  • loss-sensitive deductible programs for qualified insureds
  • commissions to agents and brokers of record

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Minimum of four full-time employees
  • loss control pre-survey required prior to binding coverage for retail, wholesale and manufacturing, and construction industries
  • pricing and acceptance of risks based upon loss experience and prior history


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