24-Hour Protection

Oriska Insurance Company 24-Hour Workers Compensation, Disability Benefits, And Health Insurance Protection.

The Oriska Insurance Company offers a unique 24-hour protection portfolio to small business and minority-based enterprises by jointly administering workers compensation, health and disability coverage. The Oriska Insurance Company delivers workers compensation benefits and traditional health care in a way that save employers money compared to traditional insurance providers while granting workers immediate access to state-of-the-art medical care. By combining care for injured workers and offering pro-active managed care programs, Oriska Insurance provides:

  • a well-trained, experienced and program-oriented provider network.
  • Immediate access to New York State registered Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) or a voluntary managed health care system.
  • An MD/RN case management team supervising medical care and treatment of each claim.
  • Responsive ancillary medical care providers and specialist panels.
  • Management of rapid response emergency care and hospital-based services.
  • Access to state-of-the-art database management systems permitting employers to track individual claims and see trends emerging which may require additional safety procedures.
  • A central communications hub accessible to injured workers, employers and their healthcare providers throughout the duration of a claim.
  • Quality assurance and outcome monitoring.
  • Continued development of “standards of care, outcome based practice protocols”.
  • Certified by NYS since 1991.

No claim has gone unpaid and no employer has been abandoned by Oriska Insurance


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