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Small BusinessAffordable Worker’s Comp/Health/Disability to Make You Competitive

Too often, small business owners are strained by the high cost of Worker’s Compensation, Disability Benefits and Health Insurance. This has made it difficult to be competitive until the Oriska Insurance Company’s 24 Hour package. Oriska Insurance offers a unique 24-hour protection portfolio to small businesses by jointly administering workers compensation, health and disability coverage. Oriska Insurance delivers workers compensation benefits and traditional health care in such a way that the costs decrease for employers while workers have immediate access to medical care.

Empowering Small Businesses

Small businesses are more likely to be denied credit, including surety bonding, making it harder for project managers and contractors to give them work. But Oriska Insurance focuses on granting small businesses the access to surety bonds. This allows project managers and contractors of large public works projects to hire you in confidence. Oriska Insurance removes the glass ceiling that often limits income potential for small businesses.

Keeping You in Compliance and Focused on the Job

Surety Bonding with Oriska Insurance Company also protects small businesses because we guarantee compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act and the New York State Labor Law. The benefits required by this legislation can be daunting for a small business which is why Oriska Insurance also provides worker’s compensation, health, disability and long-term care Insurance. Oriska Insurance received approval from insurance regulators to accommodate the specific needs of small businesses.  No other company can provide all this to ensure small businesses are protected and can compete on a level playing field.

Bonding and Beyond: We Help If You Run Into Problems

We make it our business that you succeed. Oriska Insurance works within the goals outlined by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ensuring that every minority business has mentors to guide them through the process of securing certification and bidding on contracts. Learn more about the added benefits of mentoring that Oriska’s surety bonding principals receive by clicking here.

Surety Bonding with Oriska Insurance helps even when you have difficulty delivering the services expected of you. If a minority-owned business defaults, we can take over the work, rebid it, or pay the penalty amount to the general contractor on the bond (which usually amounts to the contract price). This level of protection allows minority businesses a true opportunity to participate in the public works bidding process while guaranteeing the Project Manager a level of security. Everyone becomes a winner.


Angel Tapia, Built Right Construction“The surety bonding and mentoring provided by Oriska to Built-Right Construction gave us the start that we needed to become a reliable contractor and subcontractor on public works projects. Today we handle projects throughout the New York Metropolitan area.”
Angel Tapia. Built Rite Construction


Hershel Weber“Oriska provides us with the worker’s comp., health, and disability coverage our clients need. Their 24 Hour Protection package awards significant cost savings to the employers we represent. Oriska’s unique bundling of services affords our clients cost savings and superior coverage.”
Rabbi Hershel Weber, Brand Management, Inc.


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