Financial Audits

Oriska Insurance: Built on a Solid Financial Foundation

Regulators have understandably taken a harder look at insurance companies since a string of companies nearly caused the collapse of the global economy. Oriska Insurance also underwent rigorous examinations from regulatory agencies. We are happy to report that  the NYS Supreme Court has acknowledged that Oriska Insurance has always been on sound financial footing. [see: 20071206_ Oriska Insurance Company and NYDOI Stipulation dismissing with prejudice the Receivership Petition]

Due to the regulatory environment since the financial crisis, Oriska Insurance has taken the extraordinary step of full disclosure of its audits to policyholders and investors. Oriska Insurance has made public its audits for the past decade as well as the results of the rigorous examination it faced in the NYS Supreme Court.

Oriska Insurance understands and applauds the need for rigorous oversight of the industry and we are glad to transparently comply.

2014 Auditor’s Report
2014 Financial Statement

2013 Auditors’ Report
2013 Financial Statement

2012 Auditors’ Report
2012 Financial Statement

2011 Auditors’ Report
2011 Financial Statement

2010 Auditors’ Report
2010 Financial Statement

2009 Auditors’ Report
2009 Financial Statement

2008 Auditors’ Report
2008 Financial Statement

2007 Auditors’ Report
20007 Financial Statement

2006 Auditors’ Report
2006 Financial Statement

2005 Auditors’ Report
2005 Financial Statement

2004 Auditors’ Report

2003 Auditors’ Report

2002 Auditors’ Report